Club Etiquette

In order for all curlers to enjoy their experience, we ask that you follow these simple rules of etiquette when playing at our club.


Entering The Building

  • Outside footwear is not allowed in the lounge, stairs leading to the lounge, locker area or arena
  • When entering the building, head immediately downstairs and remove your outside footwear, leaving them on the boot trays
  • Enter the locker area and put on your clean / curling shoes
  • Use the far (west) stairwell to enter the lounge, being cautious not to step on the sticky mat at the top of the stairs

On The Ice

  • Wear appropriate clothing and footwear to avoid dirt or debris falling onto the ice surface
  • When entering the arena, use the door at the top of the west stairwell (the one used to enter the lounge)
  • Use the sticky mat in front of the door to the arena to clean debris from the bottom of your shoes before entering the arena
  • Minimize hand and knee contact with the ice surface to avoid causing blemishes that may affect rock travel. Even a few seconds of contact can damage the ice!
  • Wear loose, layered clothing allowing you to adjust comfort levels while curling

Game Play

  • Always be mindful of other curlers and rocks in motion while on the ice surface
  • Treat all members with respect
  • Do not overthrow rocks. Throw only as hard as needed to make the shot
  • Always prevent rocks from hitting the boards, hacks or travelling onto other sheets
  • Clean your brush heads frequently during the game

After The Game

  • Make sure to return all Club equipment to its proper location after each game. We have limited equipment that is used by multiple leagues
  • Exit the arena through the same door you entered


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