Marmora and Area Curling Club




The Marmora and Area Curling Club is run by volunteers who are dedicated to having fun at an affordable cost.  Young and old, singles and couples, experienced curlers and novices -- everyone is welcome.  For newcomers, the Club is a great way to make friends.  Why don't you join us? . 

Anyone can curl.  The Marmora Curling Club has leagues for different ages, interests, and skill levels.  Some play in the evening, others during the day.  The Marmora Curling Club provides novices with instruction and the equipment they need.  Since it's run by volunteers, membership fees are kept low.  The Club's aim is for everyone to have fun - it boasts some of the best parties in Marmora.  You won't find a friendlier bunch of rock-throwers anywhere.

Join a League...Various leagues are active from November through March.  Some play in the evenings, others play during the day.  Form a team or join  a team -- there's a league to match your interests, skill level, and schedule.  Contact the Marmora Curling Club and find out which leagues are right for you.

Join a league...and Join the Fun

The Marmora Curling Club hosts competitive spiels, fun spiels, and many other special events.  For a nominal fee, visitors can play as spares in any of the leagues.  This is a good way for newcomers to get to know the Club and it's members. 

Planning a Party in Marmora, Ontario?

From April to September, the Marmora Curling Club premises are available for rent for weddings, showers, dances, and other private events.  Facilities include a large hall, comfortable lounge area, licensed bar, and fully equipped kitchen.  There's room for up to 700 guests.  The lounge can be rented at times during the winter too. 

Contact us for more information.